What’s with the empty wine bottle messages?
It tells a bit of a story about the memories that are made at Kickenback. We were finding that guests were leaving celebratory dates or messages written on wine bottle labels in memory of good times they’d had whilst staying here so we thought “why not make it a feature of Kickenback as it reflects on happy times?” We’d love for you to add to the collection.

What’s the quickest way to warm the place up?
The reverse cycle air-con warms the place up really fast. The switch in the chalet is just behind the door and the switch in the studio is just above the kitchen bench opposite the door.

What is there to do on indoors on a wet/windy day?
Kickenback chalet has lots of family board games and packs of cards in the bottom three drawers of the sideboard. Why not get the family around the big dining table and have fun. There’s also some young children’s toys such as building blocks and a pull-along alphabet caterpillar. Kickenback studio has packs of playing cards and some books of poems on the bottom shelf below the TV.

What wildlife can we expect to see?
We have visiting kangaroos, many ducks, wombats, deer in the quieter months and unfortunately with being so close to the bush we have snakes in the summer months. Please watch your step when out walking!

What do I do if we can’t access the internet?
Just reset it by going into the foyer area and locating the switch above the monitor off and then on again.

What’s with the camera’s outside?
As we don’t live on the property we need to know who’s around when we don’t have guests staying. The cameras are located in the foyer, under the carport and at the back patio.

How can I find out what to do within the resort?
We have information in the compendium detailing which of the resort activities are free and which ones the  Crackenback Resort make a charge for to guests not booking through them. We have local attraction brochures in the top left hand drawer of the sideboard in the chalet and the top kitchen drawer next to the oven in the studio.

How do I get my bond back?
If all conditions are met in the Kickenback Booking Conditions (a copy of which is held in the compendium) bond is usually returned within 48 hours of your departure. Please forward your account details to kickenbackbookings@yahoo.com.au.

What’s supplied?
All linen (crisp cotton sheets, fluffy white towels etc), bathroom basics (soap, shampoo & hair conditioner, toilet rolls, bubble bath etc), kitchen basics (salt & pepper, tea bags, ground coffee, coffee pods, white & raw sugar, small milk cartons, olive oil, tin foil, cling film).
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